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Body Care

At Sinead spa we know that taking care of our bodies is an essential component of our daily life. Not only is our skin an organ that protects and divides us from the outside world, but it is also a reflection of our health, lifestyle, and beauty. Protecting the more fragile components of our skin can imply safeguarding our overall health.

Sinead spa body care whitening scrub

Whitening Body Scrub

Embrace a radiant transformation through our Whitening Body Scrub. Our skilled therapists delicately buff away impurities, revealing a luminous and even skin tone. Infused with potent brightening agents, this revitalizing treatment leaves your skin feeling velvety-smooth and exuding a beautiful radiance. Unleash the confidence that accompanies a flawless glow.

Our price: 950 PHP

Slimming body scrub Sinead spa

Slimming Body Scrub & 1hr Massage

Indulge in luxurious pampering with our Slimming Body Scrub & 1-hour Massage. Experience the rejuvenating power as we gently exfoliate and invigorate, revealing smoother, more toned skin. Relax with a full-body massage, leaving you refreshed and ready to embrace your best self.

Our Price: 1400 PHP

Sinead spa Body Care - Body Scrub & Massage

Whitening Body Scrub & 1hr Massage

Enjnoy the ultimate pampering with our Whitening Body Scrub & 1hr Massage. Renew your skin’s natural glow as we gently exfoliate and nourish, revealing a brighter, even complexion. Relax with a full-body massage infused with potent whitening agents, leaving you revitalized and ready to radiate confidence.

Our price: 1400 PHP

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