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Loyalty Program

Sinead Loyalty Program
Unlock the ultimate relaxation experience with our exclusive Loyalty Card program!
Enjoy exclusive discounts and perks as a valued member, including 50% off on your fifth appointment and a 1 hour free session on your tenth appointment.
Be part of our Loyalty program. 🩵

Sinead Home Massage Service Customer Loyalty Card

Terms & Conditions

Effective Date: 05/01/2024

Welcome to the Sinead Home Massage Service Loyalty Card program! We’re thrilled to offer you a fantastic way to enjoy our home massage services even more. Here are the terms that apply:

  1. Who Can Get a Loyalty Card?

Any of our lovely customers who’ve already booked and enjoyed a massage with us can get a Loyalty Card.

  1. How to join the Program?

To participate in our Loyalty Card program, please get in touch with our friendly customer service team. They’ll help you get started.

  1. Card Delivery:

Since we bring the relaxation to your doorstep, our massage therapists will personally deliver your Loyalty Card during their visit.

  1. Stickers for Slots:

For every appointment, our therapists will add a special sticker to your Loyalty Card, marking your progress toward those awesome rewards.

  1. What About Those Booking Slots?

With your Loyalty Card, you get ten slots for bookings, depending on our availability, of course.

  1. Special Treats for Loyal Clients:

Once you’ve completed four bookings, you’ll get a sweet 50% discount on your fifth one.

When you’ve reached your tenth booking, you’ll get an extra treat – a free 1 hour Combination massage service on us! 

Discounts apply to regular massage prices and cannot be combined with our packages, other offers, and promos.

  1. How Long Does It Last?

Your Loyalty Card will be valid for a full year (that’s 12 months) from the day we hand it to you. Any unused benefits or slots will expire after that.

  1. The Fun Stuff:

You can’t share your Loyalty Card with others; it’s just for you and your self-care journey.

Your sessions booked prior to obtaining your Loyalty Card cannot be retroactively included in the loyalty program.

If you misplace your card, let us know right away. We might be able to replace it, and we’ll transfer your unused benefits to the new card.

The Loyalty Card can’t be turned into cash, and you can’t trade it for cash either.

We have the right to change or end the Loyalty Card program or these terms, but we’ll try to let you know in advance.

Keep an eye out for any updates to these Terms & Conditions on our website.

Your card’s your responsibility; please don’t let anyone else use it.

  1. Your Privacy Matters:

We’ll take good care of your personal information as per our Privacy Policy.

These terms can change, so make sure to stay updated.

If you have any questions or need help, get in touch with Sinead Home Massage Service at [email protected].

By using the Sinead Home Massage Service Customer Loyalty Card, you agree to these terms and conditions.5